Added to the WordPress Showcase

I received word this week that the website I designed has been added to the WordPress Showcase. I am a huge fan of WordPress. For one of my designs to be featured in their official Showcase is very exciting. is the Official Website of Duke Basketball Coach Mike Krzyzewski. If you haven’t seen the site, check it out at and vote it up over at the WordPress Showcase.

I’ve been working with Duke Basketball since 2004 and I’m very proud of  my association with Coach K and the program. The current design of the site, powered by WordPress, was launched in August 2009. Read my post about the site launch to learn more about my use of WordPress.

Brizzly Review: A Better Social Media Reader

People’s desire to stay connected is one reason why sites such as Twitter and Facebook are so popular.  One common characteristic people share is they want that connectivity to be as simple as possible.  This is where Brizzly comes in.  Brizzly is a Twitter and Facebook client that provides “a simple way to experience the social web”.

A web-based social reader, Brizzly is laid out in a way that just makes sense; it has a very simple interface and the site itself runs smoothly and seamlessly.  Once you create an account, it’s easy to find your way around the site.  There’s even a “Getting Started” video and help section to answer most of your questions. Brizzly’s usability is not an accident. Brizzly was created by some of the same people who built Google Reader.

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The Title Tag: The Unused Marketing Weapon

This is a guest post by search engine marketing expert Jerry West. I’ve known Jerry since 2004 and have followed his teachings ever since. When it comes to SEO, Jerry is one of the best in the business. I am proud to call Jerry a mentor and friend.

While you may argue that if you don’t optimize your Title Tag for your targeted keyword phrase you won’t be able to rank at the top of Google, I’d reply, “You’re wrong.” When is the last time you have actually studied the search results in Google? Often, many of the top ten results do not have the keyword you searched for in the Title Tag. It’s true.

It isn’t a big secret that you can use incoming anchor text to get top rankings in Google, but making the Title Tag compelling means that you can get more clickthroughs than your competitors even if they outrank you. And that is the key: clickthroughs.

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I’m proud to announce the launch of the redesigned website. is the Official Website of Duke Basketball Coach Mike Krzyzewski. The site has been redesigned and updated to provide easier site navigation and incorporate database technology to automate content management, site navigation and more.

The new design replaces the original look launched in April, 2004. Advances in web technology over the past five years along with the site’s growth (over 300 pages) made the redesign necessary. In addition, I wanted to give the site a cleaner,  more modern look. Having worked closely with Duke’s athletic department on the site’s development, I am thrilled with the result.

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Microsoft Bing – Is Good, Good Enough?

Microsoft recently launched a new search engine called Bing in an attempt to directly challenge search engine giant – Google. According to Microsoft, Bing is more than a simple search engine. They claim their tool can help users move beyond the searching experience to make better and more informed decisions.

Early feedback about Microsoft’s new “decision engine” has been positive. Users report accurate search results and helpful features but is it enough to make them change their search habits?

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