Facebook to Offer Custom URLs

Facebook recently announced they will soon allow users to choose a username for their account. More significant is the fact that Facebook will begin using your username in your profile page URL. This essentially allows you to create a custom URL for your Facebook profile page.

A message posted on Facebook explains, “Starting at 12:01 a.m. EDT on Saturday, June 13, you’ll be able to choose a username on a first-come, first-serve basis for your profile and the Facebook Pages that you administer by visiting www.facebook.com/username/.”

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Blogging Basics for Maximum Traffic

An obvious goal of all bloggers is to drive as many visitors to their blog as possible. In order to make your blog a success you need to generate a steady stream of targeted traffic. While there are many sources of traffic, search engines are often one of the first that come to mind. The way that you build, structure, and maintain your blog can greatly impact your search engine rankings.

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Twitter Etiquette for Businesses

With approximately 6 million users and 55 million monthly visits (according to Compete.com), Twitter has become one the most dominant social media websites. Because of their rapid growth, businesses have embraced social media sites such as Twitter. Developing an online presence where their users are, is a smart online marketing strategy.

Because Twitter is still evolving, businesses are still figuring out how to leverage it effectively. Each new feature brings a new opportunity for businesses to introduce their products or services. Businesses must be careful however. Just like in the offline world, there are rules and standards of behavior for social mediamarketing. Social media etiquette should be observed by businesses (and consumers too) so they don’t alienate their target market.

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Legacy Locker – Estate Planning 2.0

With thousands of new websites launched every day, what separates successful sites from the rest is the value they offer. Successful websites solve a problem and enhance the lives of users. I’m always excited to find sites like these and wanted to share one with you.

Legacy Locker allows you to securely store your usernames, passwords and other important information for all your digital assets. In the event of your death, your information is sent to the beneficiaries you designate. The goal of estate planning is to maintain and enhance financial security for you and your family. A traditional estate plan can help you avoid probate, maintain privacy, and facilitate the transferring of assets. But what happens to your online estate when you pass away?

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Top Domain Name Sales – First Quarter 2009

Despite the troubled global economy, the domain industry continues to experience tremendous growth. Domain name values continue to rise as more businesses and entrepreneurs realize the value of owning premium domain names.

Premium domain names are a viable investment due to their potential for sale (flipping), or development into profitable long-term businesses. While it may take years for the traditional real estate market to rebound, domains continue to grow in value.

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