My Mobile Marketing Book is Now Available

I’m very excited to announce the publication of my first book Mobile Marketing: Successful Strategies for Today’s Mobile Economy. The book, now available on, provides small businesses analysis and insight into the dominant role mobile marketing is playing in the lives of consumers.

I provide specific strategies business owners can employ to make sure they too are making the mobile transition. These mobile marketing strategies do more than keep your business from falling behind; they can give you a competitive advantage when you apply them creatively.

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Top 5% on LinkedIn

I just received an email from LinkedIn congratulating me on having “one of the top 5% most viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012.”

I realize this is a total ego play on the part of LinkedIn as they encouraged me (and the other 10 million people in the top 5%) to share this distinction with our friends, but it’s still pretty cool.

Here is a link to my public LinkedIn profile.

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SEO Benefits of Online Reviews

These days, when someone is interested in a business, it is easy for that person to find a wealth of information on that business just by searching the Internet.  Not only is it possible to browse your business website to get a good idea of what you offer, buy potential customers can also use reviews of your business to make the important decision of whether or not they want to work with you.  This has very obvious implications when it comes to earning new customers . . . but did you know that online reviews can also go a long way in lending to your business website’s creditability, by strengthening its search engine optimization (SEO)?

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Twitter Tips for Small Business Owners

Twitter is a free site for social networking and micro-blogging. While most of us are familiar with traditional blogging, Twitter offers you a micro blogging platform. This allows you to make short, to-the-point post as compare with longer, more detailed blog posts.

Twitter restricts you to posting 140 characters at a time. So you have to get creative and use your mind to get your message across in as few words as possible. This restriction on characters has a huge advantage. The message size limit allows people to post more frequently. Some users post every 5-10 minutes for example!

If you make longer posts, it is difficult to find the time or energy to keep posting every few minutes. Twitter enables you to send updates to other users in the form of these short posts on what you are currently doing. These short posts are called ‘tweets’.

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Tech Forum Presentation Posted

Yesterday I presented at the Search Engine Marketing Tech Forum at FAU. I spoke on the topics of SEO and Local SEO. The event went great. There was approximately 180 people in attendance. The other panelists and I shared some valuable and actionable info.

I posted my presentation on SlideShare last night and sent out a tweet and facebook post about it.

One thing I noticed was that the presentation was ranking in Google almost immediately.

Today I got an email from SlideShare that my presentation was “being talked about on Facebook more than anything else on SlideShare, so they put it the on homepage of SlideShare in the “Hot on Facebook” section. So far after about 12 hours, the presentation has received 289 views.

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