Social Media vs Your Website

I found an interesting article tonight about the rising popularity of social media as compared with traditional websites. According to the Wall Street Journal, some large companies such as Starbucks and Coca-Cola receive up to 20 times as much traffic to their Facebook pages as to their corporate websites.

I knew companies were increasingly utilizing social media websites such as Facebook and twitter to connect with customers. I had no idea that in some cases these social media sites were outperforming these companies corporate websites… and to such an extent. I suppose it depends on the product, brand or service. In Starbucks case for example, what would be a compelling reason to visit the Starbucks corporate website? Compare this with the company’s Facebook page. 600 million users, many of them presumably Starbucks customers, are already on Facebook’s site. If Starbucks wants to connect with those users, they need to be there too.

The article goes on to point out the benefits to businesses of each method of online marketing, social media and your own website.

Benefits of Social Media

  • Inherently interactive.
  • Where people are spending time.
  • Easy to acquire users / fans.
  • Virality.

Benefits of Your Own Website

  • Control the design.
  • Own the data.
  • Targeting and personalization.
  • Reach all your audience.

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Here is a link to the complete article on, Is It Time to Shut Down Your Website?