Legacy Locker – Estate Planning 2.0

With thousands of new websites launched every day, what separates successful sites from the rest is the value they offer. Successful websites solve a problem and enhance the lives of users. I’m always excited to find sites like these and wanted to share one with you.

Legacy Locker (https://www.legacylocker.com/) allows you to securely store your usernames, passwords and other important information for all your digital assets. In the event of your death, your information is sent to the beneficiaries you designate. The goal of estate planning is to maintain and enhance financial security for you and your family. A traditional estate plan can help you avoid probate, maintain privacy, and facilitate the transferring of assets. But what happens to your online estate when you pass away?

From photos to finances, you’re online activities are valuable to you and your family. Consider how much time you spend online and the sites and services you use. In the unfortunate event of your death, most of the companies that run these sites and services have no policy for passing your account onto your loved ones. Unless you’ve documented your usernames and passwords, and the information is up to date and accessible, your family is basically locked out of your digital life. As stated on their site, “Legacy Locker is the best way to guarantee access to your online accounts for all of the people you think should receive them, be it a spouse, child, friend or colleague.”

Can you see the value a service like Legacy Locker offers? Now consider the value of this service to those who run an online business. What is it worth to affiliate marketers, web designers, and domainers to guarantee access to their online accounts?

What happens to a domainer’s portfolio if their domain registrations expire? Or to a Web Designer’s business when their client’s sites go down or need to be updated. If you’re an affiliate marketer, you’ve got multiple areas of your business to consider including domain names, affiliate network accounts, bank accounts, pay per click accounts, and more.

If you’re business is generating a residual income, you’ll want to ensure it continues beyond your death. One of the ways you can do this is through utilizing Legacy Locker. They offer a free trial account which is limited to storing info about three assets and one beneficiary. An unlimited account is $29.99 per year or $299.99 for a lifetime plan.

I saw the value Legacy Locker offers immediately. In fact, I’ve been searching for just such a service for a while now. After my first daughter was born, I contacted an attourney regarding estate planning to protect my family’s assets. As my online business has grown, I’ve wondered how I would handle estate planning for my affiliate marketing business. Now I have a valuable tool to help ensure my business outlives me.