Twimailer – Follow Me to Your Inbox

If you are a Twitter user, you really should check out Twimailer, a simple yet powerful new Twitter application. In short, Twimailer provides full details of your new followers, delivered directly to your inbox.

Typically when someone new follows you on Twitter, you receive a basic email notification with the user’s name and a link to their profile. No other information is provided as to the legitimacy of that individual or the value of the information they share. To learn more about your new follower, you have to click the email link, visit the user’s profile and decide if you want to become a follower of theirs too.

Due to Twitter’s rapid growth and viral nature, you can easily receive multiple new follower notifications every day. Clicking through to user’s profiles can quickly become a chore, especially with the recent increase in the amount of twiiter spam. If your visit to a new follower’s profile turns our to be a waste of time because they’re not who they say they are or they’re trying to get you to visit some strange site, your opinion of Twitter can quickly sour.

This is where Twimailer really shines. Instead of having to click through to the follower’s profile to decide if you want to follow them back, Twimailer gathers all their relevant information and delivers it right to your inbox. You see essentially everything on the user’s Twitter page but without having to click through to visit the Twitter site. seo company usa . The information in Twimailer email includes:

  • a list of the user’s recent tweets
  • the user’s name, location, website, and bio information
  • the number of people the user is following
  • the number of followers the user has

There is also a “Follow Back” link contained right in the Twimailer email. Clicking the link adds the user to your “following” list and takes you to the user’s profile page on the Twitter site.

Getting started with Twimailer is simple. First, visit the Twimailer site,, and enter your email address. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to verify your email account. Twimailer then provides you with a unique Twimailer email address. Replace your current Twitter email address (in your Twitter account profile) with your new Twimailer email address and you’re all set.

The third largest social networking site in the US, behind Facebook and MySpace, Twitter has approximately 6 million users and 55 million monthly visits (according to

Twitter is a social networking website that allows users to send and receive updates called tweets. Because these updates are text only and limited to 140 characters, Twitter is also referred to as a micro-blogging service.

I highly recommend utilizing Twimailer if you’re a Twitter user. It will save you time and aggravation in building your list of followers.

What are some Twitter tools and application you are using?