What is Facebook Advertising?

With the growing popularity of Facebook it was just a matter of time before people started using the site to advertise and market their business.  In the past people had to invest in an expensive website if they wanted a strong online presence.

These days, Facebook advertising provides a way to reach your target market more effectively.  But what is Facebook advertising and how does it work?

A Way to Connect with Customers

As one of the fastest social networking sites today, Facebook is capable of connecting millions of customers and businesses around the world.  Facebook advertising allows companies to directly target those consumers who may be interested in their products.

Facebook provides an “Advertising” link where you can learn about strategies to reach specific customers and maximize your returns.  You will learn how to make ads that are effective.

Creating a Facebook fan page will help build a strong relationship with target customers.  A fan page humanizes you and your business.  Social marketing is now being used to reach out to more and more consumers and implement your marketing plan more effectively.  Best of all, social marketing is a way of presenting your business as a friend and not as a faceless company.

Marketing Strategies on Facebook

Advertising on Facebook involves creating a fan page.  You need to think of something that will catch the interest of your customers.  People usually seek information, so you should post links and useful articles on your wall.  Present yourself as an expert on topics related to your business.  By offering useful and interesting information, prospective customers will be encouraged to check out your business on a regular basis.

One big reason why Facebook advertising through a fan page is effective is that you get the chance to interact with customers and provide information about your business. You can personalize your message with photos and images.  A fan page will also help you attract new prospects.

Facebook advertising is a personal relationship.  Thus, you should make sure to fill in your profile information completely so that customers will feel that they really know you.  And when customers leave comments or ask questions, make sure you respond quickly.

Monitor the effectiveness of your marketing ideas and try to improve your marketing efforts.  Connecting your fan page with a social media page is a good start.  A thorough understanding of what Facebook advertising is and how you can use it to make your business grow is essential in social media marketing.